Training for employment

Training for employment

Short courses

Short courses are not the same as a full qualification, rather, they are designed to help you gain a new set of skills in a small amount of time or just to help refresh your already existing skills (if you already have them). The contents of a short course are also designed in a way that they can be used in a practical environment.

What we offer

At Polino UK, we are committed to providing high quality training that will help you find your kind of job as well as overcome any existing barriers between you and that vacancy. The short courses that we offer will help you gain essential skills, initial qualifications, certifications and include the following benefits:

  • Introduction to your choice of sector
  • A boost in confidence
  • Work-ready skills and knowledge
  • CV building, job searching and interview skills through role playing and feedback
  • Qualification(s)/certificate(s) to show
  • Some Work Experience Opportunities with selected Employers


You are eligible to access these courses free of charge if you are actively looking for work and are on:

  • Job Seekers benefit
  • ESA (WRAG) benefit
  • Income Support*
  • Lone Parent* benefit and actively looking for work

*You will need to self-declare that you are actively looking for employment when you apply

How to apply

The enrolment process can be done before or after you Inform your Job Centre Work Coach/Work Programme Advisor which course you would like to attend and discuss options with them. The advisor will then refer you to the course.

Alternatively, you are free to just come to our centre and apply for the course. You will need to come with your ID and proof of benefit when enrolling. For any additional information please feel free to contact us from the contact number listed at the top of the website or visit our ‘Contact’ page here