Polino UK Music Studio

Polino UK Music Studio

Are you interested in music or would like to make your own music tracks? Look no further. Polino has its very own music studio which is run by Joel ‘JJ’ Jefferson who has been running the studio for over 6 months. If you would like to make beats, then you can use the keyboard or have Joel control the mixer for you. If you want to just make some vocals then you can record your voice to your hearts content.

Joel is in charge of maintaining the studio and is also the person who handles the ‘mixing and mastering’ of your music for you.

All of the equipment here are of professional quality. The studio contains a mixer, speakers, headphones and microphone and a keyboard. Plans for a sound room and possible a drum & bass set in the future.

Bookings & Fees:

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Bookings can be made online or can be made in person. Bookings cost £5 in person, or £10 online.

Please contact Joel Jefferson at joel.jefferson@polino.co.uk and let him know about the times you would like to use the studio. Joel will then let you know if the times are available and send you a ‘Polino Studio Booking’ form with a ‘Price List’ form. You will then need to fill out the booking form and send it to Joel. Once received, the form will be reviewed and the times will be reserved for you.

You are free to cancel your booking at any time. The first time will not recur any fees and your booking fees will be returned. However, for your following cancellations, your booking fees will not be returned and you may be prevented from making any future bookings.

The studio is open Monday-Friday from 12PM to 6PM. The times however vary depending on whether or not Joel is available for the day. The studio is unavailable during his absence.

For any students who are on our program, the studio is currently offered to you free-of-charge. You will be allocated a set number of hours a week to use the studio. Do note that this is also subjected to whether or not Joel will be available. Specific hours are already allocated to students but if you would like a different time, please contact Joel in advance and let him know.

We are looking to have the music studio available for private customer use. The fees have not been finalised and are subjected to change.


Suite 324, Olympic House,
28-42 Clements Road Ilford, Essex

For any and all other enquiries, please contact Joel Jefferson at joel.jefferson@polino.co.uk