For Parents


As a parent, or even as a customer, we understand that you may have concerns about the wellbeing of your child(ren) and where it is that they plan to go for training or studying. Simply put, the policies that are available for your child(ren) are also available for you. These policies are:

  • PUK1 Complaints
  • PUK2 Assessment Design
  • PUK3 Academic Misconduct
  • PUK4 Appeals policy - Assessment
  • PUK5 Data Protection
  • PUK6 Curriculum
  • PUK7 Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy
  • PUK8 DDA and Learning Difficulties
  • PUK9 Health and Safety
  • PUK11 Malpractice
  • PUK12 Plagiarism
  • PUK13 Recognition of Prior Learning
  • PUK14 Student Work Placement
  • PUK15 Safe Storage and Assessment
  • PUK17 Safeguarding
  • PUK18 Learner Recruitment
  • PUK21 Learner Admission
  • PUK22 Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments
  • PUK25 Conflict of Interest
  • PUK26 Effective Feedback
  • PUK27 Learner Support
  • PUK28 Email Use
  • PUK29 Assessment
  • PUK30 Observation of Teaching and Learning
  • PUK32 Tutorial
  • PUK33 Attendance
  • PUK34 Learner Enrichment
  • PUK35 E-safety and Online
  • PUK36 IT Acceptable Use
  • PUK37 Pearson Registration and Certification
  • PUK38 Critical Incident

We have samples of policies that are available for all to see on our Policies and Procedures page but if you would like a copy of a specific policy and/or procedure(s), please visit our Contact page.