For Employees


As an employee or a potential employee, you will want to research as much as you can before you decide to work for a company or even after joining them. In addition to your responsibilities, you want to know what your rights and entitlements are as an employee regardless of where you go. The majority of the Policies and Procedures will be the same. Listed below are the policies and procedures that will affect you as an employee:

  • PUK1 Complaints
  • PUK4 Appeals policy - Assessment
  • PUK5 Data Protection
  • PUK7 Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy
  • PUK8 DDA and Learning Difficulties
  • PUK9 Health and Safety
  • PUK11 Malpractice
  • PUK15 Safe Storage and Assessment
  • PUK16 Programme Delivery Strategy Policy
  • PUK17 Safeguarding
  • PUK19 Staff Development
  • PUK20 Staff Recruitment
  • PUK22 Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments
  • PUK23 Contingency Plan and Adverse Effect
  • PUK25 Conflict of Interest
  • PUK27 Learner Support
  • PUK28 Email Use
  • PUK33 Attendance
  • PUK35 E-safety and Online
  • PUK36 IT Acceptable Use
  • PUK38 Critical Incident
  • PUK40 Password Policy
  • PUK41 Remote Access
  • PUK42 Anti-Fraud
  • PUK43 Anti-Malware

We have samples of policies that are available for all to see on our Policies and Procedures page but if you would like a copy of a specific policy and/or procedure(s), please visit our Contact page.