Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of classroom and distance learning.

Classroom learning will offer the possibility to have face to face sessions with the teacher and discuss the topic/subject/course work in the classroom. You will also be expected to work independently using the course materials provided and following teacher’s instructions. The teacher will provide feedback before the final submission on your draft work. You will also have the ability to book one-to-one sessions with your teacher and receive the extra support you need to succeed.

Blended learning offers the possibility to change the traditional way of teaching which does not work for all learners, and with the access to present-day technologies, it became easier to offer personalised learning plans and the ability for learners to learn at their own pace.

The benefits of blended learning:

  • You will have face-to-face sessions with your teacher.
  • You will be encouraged to work independently.
  • The classes will be done in small groups.
  • The emphasis will be on the tasks and assignments.
  • Adopts different ways of learning to suit learner’s different learning styles.
  • Schedules are fixed but flexible