Adult Learning

Our courses are not only designed for young people but adults as well. Our strong point are courses in the business sector or health care sector. We primarily focus on learners who are struggling to find work as an adult, which can be due to a lack of qualification or a lack of basic adult literacy/numeracy. Our courses are designed to help you with those issues so that you have no issues with applying and speaking about yourself to others, or at interviews, with confidence.

If you ever find yourself unhappy or are displeased with our services, feel free to talk to us about it. If you feel that the solution we provide you is unsatisfactory, you may raise a complaint to management. All of the feedback you give us is important for us to grow and we will keep it confidential in the strictest of manner, should you wish it to be.

The fees for the course(s) will vary depending on your eligibility. Proof will need to be provided.

If you are looking for a challenge, we recommend that you take our level 3 qualifications instead.