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    We guide businesses to progress and streamlined performance

    Our expert team can help business management do better at making important plans, decisions and strategies.

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    Best training in technology and business processes

    We provide the necessary training to company staff to enable them perform their best by being upgraded with necessary knowhow.

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    Recruitment that brings opportunities to the deserving.

    The best candidates are directed to their deserving posts in reputed companies, setting the stage for remarkable career growth.

Welcome to Polino UK

Polino UK, or Polino for short, is an Ilford based organisation that works around the UK to provide a service to the community in the form of IAG, education and training.

We want to provide our learners with a service they won’t forget. We want our learners who study with us to hold their heads high and when asked about us, they would be able to say we have made a positive change in their lives.

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Polino UK provides a wide range of quality accredited training at every level of your business, providing a continuum for all staff development for your company. Polino has access to a very thorough and broad range of specialists in education and training.


Our recruitment agency provides a quality service offering a wealth of practical solutions to your business training and recruitment needs. We have been working hard to assure our permanent and temporary workers of the best recruitment services available.


Polino UK provides high quality education consultancy services to schools, students, international development agencies and other partners. We also provide training for staff, teachers and also to educational institutions


We currently offer 8 courses in 5 different subject areas that you can study at Polino UK. These courses are available for those between ages 16-18 and for those that are 19 and above. If the course you wish to take does not appear below or you are having trouble deciding what you would like to do, feel free to send us an enquiry or contact us and speak to one of our advisors who would gladly help you decide.


  • “ Jay is a young lady and from a broken family, she has a background where her criminal record far exceeded anything she had ever accomplished academically. It became apparent that Jay was heading more towards a custodial sentence rather than into employment. She was put on a Tag as she was in line with a portion of anti-social activities in and around tower hamlets. After failing at a number of colleges, in particular one in the city, Jay was able to enroll with Polino for a Level 2 certificate in Employability and Developing enterprise skills , through Polino’s specialist approach to even the most troubled learners, Jay received very strong support through out and was able to beat her court case and come off her police tag in December 2015 .
    Jay with Polino’s support was able to secure herself a work placement opportunity with FBMF which then led her to secure her first ever job, which far surpasses a criminal conviction on a custodial sentence. Jay and her family are over the moon for her being integrated into society with Polino’s support. ”


  • “ I am very passionate about a job in the music industry. I have never had a job before so for me to gain employment in the music sector, I would be achieving my dream. I enjoy this course because it gave me the chance to get involved in the business side of the music industry, I have met pioneers of the underground music scene who have helped me better my production skills with studio sessions. I have met with artists that I can now network with to send my productions to and have them vocal the production. I have been on sets of music videos which has helped me to understand how music video shoots run. Polino has made all this possible ”


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