Apprenticeship is an integrated framework that includes a QCF (Competency Based Qualification) Level NVQ, Functional Skills in English, Mathematics and ICT, a Technical Certificate, which is designed to provide the knowledge and understanding needed for a particular occupational area, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

(There is no Technical Certificate for the ITQ or Employment Related Services Apprenticeships, the competence and knowledge components are integrated in one qualification. Functional Skills in ICT are not applicable for the Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships in Customer Service.)

As per the Government’s learner eligibility criteria for funding, individuals who hold a Level 4 or higher qualification are not eligible for apprenticeship funding. The learner can not do the apprenticeship if they are in seasonal or temporary employment. This is because for a standard Apprenticeship they should be permanently employed and contracted for a minimum of 30 hours per week. This is due to 12 months being the minimum length of time that the programme takes to complete. Polino will look at all individuals as there may be occasions when funding is available through other projects. In the course of apprenticeship, the person gets functional skills required for any occupational role and which are transferable skills that can be used in the workplace. Polino’s apprenticeship

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – exempt from Customer Service